Gas Hobs

Gas is still the most popular choice of cooking method of the serious chef.
Wok burners are often very popular with gas users and these are available as separate units. Depending of the space available, 2-6 rings can be integrated.

Induction Hobs

Induction hobs are being hailed as future of cooking. Many serious cooks prefer to use these, as much as gas,they offer a greater degree of control over heat. They work thanks to the copper wire that is located under the ring.This unique method of cooking means that the pot itself is heated to the desired temperature, not the hob.Induction hobs can only be used with ferrous pots and pans-ie pots are attracted to magnets.

Ceramic Hobs

For people who love minimalism, the ceramic hob is a dream come true. It features smooth glass surfaces that have touch controls built in to the surface area.

Many ceramic hobs now come with added features such as electronic touch control, LED displays childlocks and Quicklight zones that mean they not only look great, but function brilliantly.

Solid Plates

Great for people who dont like change, these are traditional sealed plate electric hobs.